Edmund Storms


Early Life and Education

Edmund Storms is an American physicist and researcher known for his work in the field of cold fusion. His career in the scientific community has been marked by collaborations with prestigious institutions and researchers. Storms has contributed to experimental plasma diagnostic physics and radiation monitoring. Additionally, he has been involved in the study of K and L shell experimental research, particularly focusing on nuclear rocket propulsion systems. His early career included a period of work at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Contributions to Cold Fusion Research

Edmund Storms has become well-known for his contributions to cold fusion research. He has been associated with the Department of Fusion Problems and Astrophysics at ITEP and has collaborated with researchers in various countries, such as Japan and Chile, on fusion problems and astrophysics. Storms has been a notable figure in the [International Conference on Cold Fusion] (ICCF), where he has given plenary lectures and expressed strong opinions about the field. His work and perspectives have evolved over time, and he has been an influential voice in shaping the discourse around cold fusion research.

Collaborations and Influence

Storms has collaborated with prominent scientists and institutions, including the University of Nevada, Reno, and Sandia National Laboratories. His expertise in radiation monitoring and experimental research has led to collaborations with researchers like Michael Weller and Masuhiro Hotta. He has engaged in discussions and collaborations with individuals from around the world, interacting with experts in the field of cold fusion and related areas. Storms' direct and outspoken nature has contributed to his influence in the scientific community, and his work continues to have an impact on the understanding of cold fusion and related phenomena.